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This Section is Devoted to Learner Perspectives

How to Add Your Thoughts

In this topic area -- as in all the ALE Wiki topic areas -- you are invited to add your own thoughts. Most important to know: there is no way you can mess things up. Even if you accidentally erase a page it can easily be restored.

You can go to New_Here? to get information about how to contribute to the ALE Wiki.

Information about how to add something is in each section, so you can also start by clicking on what you are interested in.

Learner Perspective Forum

A place for adult learners to post their perspectives on education and related topics.

Student Evaluations of Computer Programs for Learning

A specific request for adult learners to comment of certain computer programs.

Learner Perspectives: Whole Discussion

This section captures a discussion focused on student perspectives on learning to read as an adult.


Learner Leadership Organizations

This section provides information about learner leadership organizations.

Learner Perspectives: Student Writing

This section includes a place to post calls for student writing, a list of publications that contain student writing, and a list of places to hear students voices in audio form (mp3s, podcast, etc.)

Student Success Stories

This sections includes links to collections of students' success stories.

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