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Adult Literacy Education

Now in its Twelfth Year!

The Adult Literacy Education Wiki will be moving to a new host this summer.

It will not be available from the end of June until sometime in July or August.

When it resumes, the web address should be the same, If you have questions, please contact the ALE Wiki organizer,

David J. Rosen, at djrosen123& (substitute @ for & leaving no spaces

Welcome to the Adult Literacy Education (ALE) Wiki! *
Learn about adult literacy education here, including English language learning, numeracy, and adult basic and secondary education. Add knowledge from your experience teaching or tutoring adult learners, from research or professional wisdom, or from your experience as an adult learner. The ALE Wiki is a community of practice with links to research for practitioners, researchers, learners and others.

Once you have logged in, you may add content to any topic. Type your comments, select the "Show preview" button at the bottom of the page to see what they look like and then, when you like how they look, select the "Save page" button. To create a new topic, email ALE Wiki organizer, David J. Rosen, at djrosen123& (substitute @ for & leaving no spaces). To learn who the volunteer contributors are for this community effort, select WhosHere.To get started, scroll down to look at the sample topics or select All Topics.

Throughout the ALE Wiki you will see links in blue (or if you have already selected them, in violet). These take you to other sections, pages, wikis and web sites. For a (free) login account, or if you already have an account, go to User Login . After logging in you can add your ideas, knowledge and/or experience.

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The ALE Wiki is supported by the New Jersey Association for Lifelong Learning

* wiki is a Hawaiian word meaning "quick" - wiki wiki means "very very quickly".

The Adult Literacy Education Wiki was created on 11/27/04 by ALE Wiki Organizer, David J. Rosen
E-mail: djrosen123& (Substitute @ for & leaving no spaces.)

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