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Project-Based Learning (PBL) is also sometimes known as constuctivist (see Constructivist_theory) or problem-based learning.


1. What is Project-based learning in adult literacy education?

2. What does research say about outcomes from project based learning? Is this an effective approach?

3. How can a project based ("constructivist") approach be used with GED students?


Focus on Basics articles on project-based learning

  • "Implementation Isn't Easy" Janet Geary (FOB, Volume 7, Issue A, June 2004)
  • "Collaborating with Students to Build Curriculum that Incorporates Real-Life Materials" Charissa Ahlstrom (FOB, Volume 6, Issue C, September 2003)
  • "Research in Writing: Implications for Adult Literacy Education" Marilyn K. Gillespie (2001) (Annual Review, Vol. II: Chapter Three)
  • "Building a Web Site in an ABE Class" Maura Donnelly (FOB, Volume 4, Issue C, December 2000)
  • "Project-Based Learning and the GED" Anson M. Green (FOB, Volume 2, Issue B, June 1998)
  • "Less Teaching and More Learning" Susan Gaer (FOB, Volume 2, Issue D, December 1998)
  • "Turning Obstacles into Opportunities" Deborah L. Johnson (FOB, Volume 2, Issue D, December 1998)
  • "Voter Education, Registration, and Action (VERA)" Andrea Nash (FOB, Volume 2, Issue D, December 1998)
  • "Knowledge in Action: The Promise of Project-Based Learning" Heide Spruck Wrigley (FOB, Volume 2, Issue D, December 1998)

Other Articles, Web pages and Reports


Examples of Adult Project-based Learning


Project Based Learning Discussions

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