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The Reading and Writing Skills Discussion List is an electronic discussion list sponsored by the National Institute for Literacy (NIFL) and facilitated by the Ohio Literacy Resource Center. Discussions are archived and may be accessed by clicking here. To subscribe to the list, click here.

Discussions about reading occur on other NIFL electronic discussion lists as well:

  • Discussion: Basic Reading Skills and the Literacy of the America's Least Literate Adults: Results from the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL) Supplemental Studies (May 26-29, 2009)
    • The Assessment Discussion List held a discussion about the Supplemental Studies part of the NAAL. Click here for access to the announcement and transcripts.

  • Discussion: Reading and Adult English Language Learners (May 12-16, 2008)
    • Heide Spruck Wrigley facilitated a discussion on the Adult English Language Learners Discussion List about teaching Reading to Adult English Lanugage Learners. Click here for the announcement and background reading. Click here to review the archives for May 12-16, 2008.

  • Discussion: Comprehension Monitoring Strategies for Adult Readers (February 4-8, 2008)
    • The NIFL Family Literacy List held a discussion with Susan McShane, author of Applying Research in Reading Instruction for Adults: First Steps for Teachers, around teaching Comprehension Strategies. Click here for access to the discussion announcement and transcripts.

  • Discussion: Practical Strategies for Working with Literacy-Level Adult English Language Learners (December 10 - 14, 2007)
    • MaryAnn Cunningham Florez and Betsy Lindeman Wong guest facilitated on the Adult English Language Learners Discussion List a discussion about hands-on strategies, techniques, and activities for working with literacy-level adult English language learners. Click here for access to the announcement and discussion summary.

  • Discussion: What Works for Adult ESL/ESOL Students (April 9-15, 2007)
    • Heidi Spruck Wrigley and Larry Condelli discussed a major study about adult ESOL reading instruction on the Special Topics Discussion List. Click here for access to the discussion announcement, recommended readings, and transcripts.

  • Contributory Causes of Low Adult English Literacy in the United States (May - July 2006)
    • George Demetrion < > posted to the AAACE-NLA electronic discussion list on May 30, 2006 a description of the various causes of low adult English literacy. He received comments from several list subscribers, and over several weeks he offered and accepted other changes. The final article was posted on July 12, 2006. Click here to read the article.

  • Discussion: Reading from the Learners' Perspective (June 12-16, 2006)
    • In this discussion on the Focus on Basics Discussion List, Alisa Belzer responds to questions related to case studies of adult readers. To follow the discussion, go to the list of posings on the Archives page. Postings start on June 9, 2006 with Julie McKinney's posting.

  • Discussion: The Adult Reading Components Study (May 2006)
    • A discussion was held in late May, 2006 on the National Insttiute for Literacy Special Topics Discussion List about the new Adult Reading Components Study (ARCS). Guest researchers Rosalind Davidson and John Strucker answered questions about the ARCS and the ARCS web page designed for teachers ( Click here to follow the discussion.

  • Discussion: "Plateauing" at 2nd-3rd Grade Level (Began November 2004)
    • A discussion was started in November 2004 on the Assessment Discussion List around the issue of adults seeming to plateau in skill development around the second- or third-grade level in reading. Click here to see various presentations of this discussion.

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