Research on Writing: Implications for Practice

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For the most part, implications and questions are presented as originally written by participants at the Meeting of Minds Symposium. This means that some items might be fragments of thoughts and therefore hard to understand. If you were a participant and see such a response, please feel free to edit the implication to reflect what you or your table was thinking.

To comment on the implications, use the edit function of the wiki. To add a new implication, use a single *. To add a comment to an implication, use **. Using this notation creates the following structure:


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The Forgotten “R”: Toward an Agenda for Research on Writing
Marilyn Gillespie
SRI International

Implications for Practice

  • Do not need to read every piece of student writing
  • Having students write and write in a social setting
  • Have them read each others writing and have them read what they wrote
  • Using group writing – writing communities
  • Authentic writings- scaffolding writing
  • What resources apply to authentic writings
  • Professional development
  • Developing writing rubrics for ABE students
  • Experiment with more writing forms and keep an ongoing collection of student writing in these forms, i.e., litters, journal, apps., etc.
  • Understanding business needs to better prepare students for workforce
  • More training and staff development needed for our teachers
  • More focus on authentic writing (real-life)
  • Use of journaling in the classroom
  • Teaching writing is time consuming. Composition teachers need readers for papers
  • Learners’ concerns basic needs regarding foundations if writing needs to be addressed because of “blocks” to creativity/thought processes
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