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Research Reviews

Adult literacy and numeracy interventions and outcomes: a review of controlled trials

Adult ESOL pedagogy: A review of the research, and annotated bibliography and suggestions for future research

Adult numeracy: a review of research and related literature

  • "Working in the light of the evidence, as well as aspiration" A literature review of the best available evidence about effective adult literacy, numeracy and language teaching

(Includes critique of "Adult literacy and numeracy interventions and outcomes: a review of controlled trials" above)"""

Ethnographies of Adult Education


Teacher/Practitioner Research

Study Circles Focused on Adult Literacy Research (see also

  • Learner Persistence (Sponsored by CALPRO)

  • Suggestions for supporting learner persistence

  • Examples of actions programs have taken based on study circles

  • Draft Action Plans and Templates

The Meeting of the Minds Symposiums

  • Meeting of the Minds II
  • Meeting of the Minds: The National Adult Education Practitioner Researcher Symposium (2004)

Resources related to National Adult Education Practitioner Researcher Symposium (The Meeting of the Minds). Includes abstracts, power points, participant generated implications, and discussion questions.

Research Terminology Glossary

  • Read or add to the glossary of research terminology

LPRPConnections Archive


The LPRPConnections discussion list, sponsored by the California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project (CALPRO) and the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN), is open to all adult educators interested in exploring the connection of literacy teaching practice, research and policy. This includes ESL, ABE, GED, and ASE teachers. To subscribe, go to or send an email message to join-lprpconnections(at) Leave the body of the email message blank. This is a collection of archived discussions from this list.

Research to Practice Professional Development

Ideas generated by workshop participants at COABE 2005.

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