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Young Offenders

  • Skills for Life Quality Initiative Working with Young Offenders" booklet Added 03/07.

This booklet can be ordered from the above referenced URL.

Abstract:This paper summarises key messages and themes from NRDC (National Resource and Development Cente for Adult Literacy and Numeracy) research and development work in post-16 literacy, language and numeracy (LLN) provision for disaffected young adults,many of whom are involved in the criminal justice system. It is one of a series of publications produced under the LSC Skills for Life Quality Initiative to provide up-todate summaries of research findings from the NRDC. Retrieved from:

  • Improving the Literacy and Numeracy of Disaffected Young People in Custody and the Community" Site for downloaded Added 09/07.

  • Math Instruction for Committed Youth Within Juvenile Correctional Schools " The Journal of Correctional Education 55(1) * March 2004. Added 6/6/11.

  • Writing for Change: Engaging Juveniles through Alternative Literacy Education. Jacobi.Journal of Correctional Education 59 no2 71-93 Je 2008 " Added 12/09.

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