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Websites and Online Resources on Standards

Adult Education Content Standards Warehouse:
This site supports adult educators in their efforts to develop, align, and implement content standards in English language acquisition (ELA), mathematics, and reading.
Also note the Field Resources section of this website for additional materials.
Standards In Action- a guide supporting the implementation of content standards in adult education programs. Available at:

CASAS Basic Skill Content Standards:

College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education:

Common Core State Standards:

Equipped for the Future (EFF):
Equipped for the Future is a national standards-based educational improvement initiative for adult basic education and English language acquisition. Here you will find content standards and a rich collection of professional development resources as well as supporting materials and products to guide adult learning, instruction, and assessment. This website brings together resources for adult learners, teachers of adults, and anyone interested in the quality and results of adult literacy programs.
What's New?: Report on an Analysis of Correspondences between the EFF Curriculum Frameworks and the Common Core State Standards

Next Generation Science Standards:

Standards, reporting, outcomes, accountability and teacher credentials - what's online:
This website attempts to bring together online resources for those considering, working with and/or otherwise engaged in an examination of standards and reporting issues in adult education.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Adult Citizenship Education Content Standards and Foundation Skills:

Standards, Standards Initiatives, and Other Related State Resources in the U.S.

Career/Technical Education – Curriculum Core Content Standards

Adult Education Standards

ESL Model Standards for Adult Education Programs

CT uses the CASAS Basic Skill Content Standards for Reading and Math and uses the CASAS Functional Writing Assessment (

Adult Education Curriculum Frameworks
Career and Technical Education Curriculum Frameworks

Adult Education Curriculum Framework

Competency-Based Community School Diploma Program

Math and Reading Curriculum Standards

Illinois ESL Content Standards

Adult Literacy Content Standards

Adult Education Content Standards

Kentucky Adult Education (KYAE) College and Career Readiness Standards
Kentucky Adult Education (KYAE) Common Core Standards

Standards Based Curriculum

Content Standards for Adult ESL/ESOL and Adult Education Technology Standards

Curriculum Frameworks

Content Standards (ABE, GED, and ESL),1607,7-122-1680_2798_43725---,00.html

Adult Education and Literacy Content Standards

ABLE Content Standards
ESL (English as a Second Language) Content Standards

Adult Basic Education Content Standards

New York
Resource Guide and Learning Standards

North Carolina
ABE Reading and Writing Content Standards

Standards and Benchmarks (ABE/ASE & ESOL):
Eureka! – Online Searchable Database:

Oklahoma uses the Equipped for the Future (EFF) standards for Math, Reading, Writing, and Speaking/Listening (no active links currently available).

Oregon ABS Learning Standards
Adult Basic Skills & Educational Functioning Levels

ESL Content Standards
Foundation Skills Framework

Rhode Island
RI Adult Education Content Standards
This website includes an additional link to RI's writing standard:

TN ESOL Program and Curriculum Guide
ESOL Curriculum Resource Book

Texas Adult Education Content Standards
Texas College and Career Readiness Standards

(Equipped for the Future (EFF) Standards)

Content Standards under development.
Virginia is working to develop content standards for GED and ESOL adult education programs. Their adult education newsletter, PROGRESS, highlights their work in this area:
Content Standards in Adult Education: Recommendations from the Literature to Guide Development in Virginia- (no longer available online)

The Washington State Adult Learning Standards
Adult & Family Literacy Competencies

West Virginia
Essential IGOs (Instructional Goals and Objectives)

Wisconsin Technical College System Curriculum Bank

Wyoming ABE Mathematics Content Standards

International Standards and Related Resources

National Reporting System:

Canadian Language Benchmarks (ESL):
Literacy and Essential Skills:

National Core Curricula:

New Zealand
Key Competencies & Draft Descriptive Standards:
Learning Progressions for Adult Literacy and Numeracy:

The Adult Literacy and Numeracy Curriculum Framework for Scotland:

United Kingdom (UK)
National Standards for Adult Literacy, Numeracy, and ICT:

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