Sustained Silent Reading: Implications for Further Research

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For the most part, implications and questions are presented as originally written by participants at the Meeting of Minds Symposium. This means that some items might be fragments of thoughts and therefore hard to understand. If you were a participant and see such a response, please feel free to edit the implication to reflect what you or your table was thinking.

To comment on the implications, use the edit function of the wiki. To add a new implication, use a single *. To add a comment to an implication, use **. Using this notation creates the following structure:


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A Modified Sustained Silent Reading Program in Beginning Adult ESOL Classes
Sandra Banke and Dominique Brillanceau, Practitioners/Research Associates
Portland State University and Portland Community College

Implications for Further Research

  • How do we equate reading with speaking and listening?
  • Would like to experiment at a high level to encourage reading and teach value of reading
  • Some form of testing, real measurement
  • Survey students about their attitudes toward the SSR condition
  • Do pre and post testing with a reading test to contribute to the other data
  • How might SSR impact parental involvement with reading to their school aged kids
  • Compare combination with two tested conditions
  • How would SSR work for building native language literacy?
  • Would using taped reading (student listens while reading) improve reading during SSR?
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