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Questions and Answers


Read or add to the following discussions which were originally held on the National Institute for Literacy/U.S. Department of Education LINCS Technology and Distance Learning discussion list ("listserv").

  1. Integrating Technology in the Classroom ClassroomPractices
  2. Distance Learning DistanceLearning
  3. Learning About and Keeping Up with Changes in Technology AleTechnologyKeepingUp
  4. Pure Distance Learning AleTechnologyPureDL
    • Participants consider delivery of adult education through pure distance learning, for example in a scenario where, because of a widespread flu epidemic, all schools and education programs are closed. Many of the ideas presented are also useful for less dire circumstances.
  5. Assistive Technology AleAssistiveTechnology
    • Participants discuss Universal Design and the possibilities that technology offers for assisting learners with various physical and learning challenges.
  6. Online Learning and the Adult User: New Findings and Applications OnlineLearningAdultUserNewFindingsApps NEW!!
  7. Growing Learners' Skills Through Virtual Literacy VirtualLiteracyDiscussion
  8. Technology and Distance Learning and WIA Reauthorization Technology_and_Distance_Learning_and_WIA_Reauthorization
  9. Assessing Adult Learners' Readiness for Online Learning '
  10. Using Social Media in Teaching and Professional Development
  11. Ideas for using iPads in the classroom
  12. Exploring Three Online Tool Resources for Adult Educators: OTAN, MARTI, and the LINCS Technology Resource Collection ExploringOnlineTools
  13. Using Video with Adult Learners Using_Video_with_Adult_Learners
  14. Search Categories for Online Tools, based on Instructional needs, problems or objectives

Public Policy



Promising Practices

Using Video with Adult Learners (links and resources)


Other Technology Topics

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